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This webpage was updated on December 7th, 2015.


J. A. Pérez Giner definitely retired as a Producer on 2014, and closed the production company ELS QUATRE GATS AUDIOVISUALS S.L.

The closure of ELS QUATRE GATS ADUVIOSUALS was done “correctly” without leaving any debt to staff, suppliers, Social Security and the Treasury. The rights of the movies were distributed among the partners. J.A. Pérez Giner owned a 35% share, that he transferred to his personal company P.G.PRODUCTION SERVICES S.L.

Pérez Giner wishes to express its appreciation to close the firm to:

  • His family, wife and children, Rosario, Marta and Josep, who shared the situation of distress during the past three years.
  • Suppliers who have made a friend’s deal writing off debts.
  • Partners Jose Luis Garcia Arrojo and Jesús Tremosa Nadal, which have shown their understanding with the situation, despite not having taken any benefit.
  • I cannot forget the people who have worked selflessly the last years to cope with the situation, as Xavier Gibert and Ivan Llamas.
  • And especially to Xavier Atance and Antonio Chavarias, who helped to produce and finance Radiacions, the telemovie which has helped 4Gats to escape poverty. Also to TV3 who agreed to co-produce the film.

I will continue in the cinema world, where I have been 53 years, since I was 17, but I’ll not run more risks as an entrepreneur, because the experience has been bad lately, possibly because of my fault and my mistakes.

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