Pérez Giner started his activities with 17 years at Madrid as production assistant, and alternated his first works with college studies.
He participated as a technician in more than 50 features, until the 70’s in Madrid and later in Barcelona. As a producer, he produced more than sixty full features, some tv movies and television series.
Founder and first chairman of several enterprises: Profilmes, Prozesa, Lola Films and Ópalo Films, and also founder of Figaró Films and the Catalan Cinema Institute (ICC).
In the year 1996 and 1997 he was Line Producer of the Fílmax Group.
He is actually shareholder and Executive Producer of the production companies ELS QUATRE GATS AUDIOVISUALS and P.G. PRODUCTION SERVICES.
2015. Tribute by the PAC (Catalonia Producer’s Asssociation) at Cinemes Girona, Barcelona. Kickstart of the short films competition that grants the “Perez Giner Award”.
2015. Nocturna Fantastic Festival “ScifiWorld Hall of Fame” Award, for the horror productions done by ProFilmes.
2014. Gent de Cinema association Award, for his whole career.
2013. Tribute by Valencia directors and projection of their most significant documentaries and films in València, Otos and Ontinyent.
2011. Named honorary member of the Catalan Film Academy.
2009. Named Honorary Chairman of the PAC, the first association of producers of Spain, of which he was the first chairman.

2008. Tributes and presentation of the book “J.A. Pérez Giner. The true story of the unmentionable” at the Madrid & Barcelona cinematheques.

2008. The Sitges International Film Festival, scheduled a tribute to Pérez Giner for his time as horror films producer, and gave him with the Maria award. PG dedicated his award to Antoni Rafales, founder of the festival, and to Paul Nascky.

2008. Tribute at the Mollerusa Festival: “Pérez Giner and the documentary”.
2007. Commissioned by the Generalitat of Catalonia, Piti Español has written a brief professional biography which was released on 2008.
2004. Homage from the Catalonia Cinematheque with the screening of some of his most notorious movies.
2004. Tirant Award from the Diario Levante of Valencia for his cinematographic career.
2003. Saint Jordi Award (RNE) granted by the critics and journalists of Barcelona for his “professional background” and specially for “La Casita Blanca, La Ciutat Oculta”.
2000. City of Barcelona Award. Producer of “Monos como Becky”, “for the courage of his cinematography, unknown in our production”.
1999. Carles Duran Award “for his professional background in all the recent and not so recent stages of our cinema”.
For three periods he was member of the Evaluation Board of the I.C.A.A. (Ministry of Culture of Madrid), and twice in the Generalitat of Catalonia.
He designed, in 1995, for the Generalitat of Catalonia the “Grants Program” which is the ground for the current autonomous legislation for the catalan audiovisual industry.
Founder of the Catalan Producers Association (currently known as PAC) and president during the three initial periods. Nowadays he is still member of this Association.
Permanent professor for three years in the School of Continued Education of the Jesuits from Sarrià (Barcelona), and later for four years in the ESCAC (Audiovisual School associated with the University of Barcelona). Nowadays he collaborates occasionally in masters and recycling courses with the ESCAC.
Occasionally classes and colaborations in the Documentary Master of the Pompeu Fabra University and in the Blanquerna Foundation (Ramon Llull University).
Professor in several recycling courses promoted by the Government of the Comunidad de Madrid, the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Town Council and the Menéndez Pidal University of Valencia. He also teached summer courses for the University Pablo de Olavide of Sevilla.
Alphabetic List of several directors who intervened in Pérez Giner productions:
As a producer
Vicente Aranda, Carles Balgué, Bigas Luna, Joan Bosch, Jaime Camino, Judith Colell, Julio Coll, Josep Maria Forn, Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, Eloy de la Iglesia, Miquel Iglesias, Joaquín Jordá, Leon Klimowsky, Jose Antonio de la Loma, Paul Leduc, Mariano Ozores, Josetxo Sanmateo, Manuel Summers…
Also as a producer, First Works of
Bosco Arochi, Carlos Aured, Francesc. Bellmunt, Fermín Cabal, Jordi Cadena, Arturo González, Andreu Martín, María Miró, Ventura Pons, Elio Quiroga José Ulloa, Paco Rodriguez, Antoni Verdaguer and Núria Villazán.
As technician or Production Manager
Luis César Amadori, Alesandro Blasetti, Giuseppe Colizzi, Mario Craveri, Vicente Escrivà, Rafael Gil, Enrico Gras, Sergio Leone, Sáenz de Heredia, Ridley Scott, Xavier Setó and the Taviani brothers.